What do I need to start?
A CEX account with 20x leverage access
A 3commas account

What if I use some other CEX?
If you use some other CEX, you have one of two options :
Option 1: Pay the 3commas subscription fee (You will need the PRO plan)
Option 2: Another alternative we have offered our clients using other CEX, is that we can run the bots for them. So you’ll give us API to your CEX. We will run the bots on our 3commas account. API access will enable us to run bots, and modify strategies. The control of the funds will be with you. This way, you’ll save the 3commas fee per month, your updates will get done by us, and you won’t have to do anything at all. 🙂 This will be done for a separate one-time fee.

What kind of bots are these?
We use our customized strategy based on our parameters. The basic framework is, however, DCA integrated with market signals.

What is the pricing?
The pricing includes a one-time set-up fee for updating the bot parameters dynamically to suit market conditions.

You can use bots up to the capital limit if you pay for any capital slab. Also, you can start with any capital in the slab and move on to the maximum limit for the slab.

When you wish to upgrade the Capital to the next slab, you will only have to pay the difference.

Why should I use TBAAS?
To put it simply, to avoid emotional bias while trading. Often, we enter a trade with a clear strategy, but, the market movement makes us emotional, and we deviate from our planned strategy. The bots, completely remove the emotional bias while trading and will execute the strategy to the last detail.

Also, bots work 24×7. You can set up the bots, and go about your normal routine while earning true Passive Income.

Do you use leverage?
Yes. We use 20x leverage in all our strategies. Rather than using leverage to maximize profits, we use leverage to increase the safety steps in a trade while maintaining the small position sizes. Essentially, we take repetitive trades with small amounts of money and do it continuously.

But my country doesn’t permit leverage trading. Can I use TBAAS?
We are aware that people from a few geographical locations can’t have access to leverage. Rest assured, we have clients from all around the world and measures to ensure everybody gets to run bots.
If you are from places where leverage is restricted, please get in touch with us, and we will guide you.
Citizens of the US, EU and AU have this issue.

What is the expected rate of return per month?
The bots trade in the market and profit from the volatility. It is to be understood that a number cannot be guaranteed. However, with our prior experience, the ballpark figure would be 10-15% per month (depending on the risk appetite).

How long have you been doing this?
We have personally run Trading Bots for 14 months. We have been running bots for clients and offering TBAAS for about 3 months. We are managing capital of approximately $400,000-$500,000.
Also, we have a few projects using our TBAAS for their Treasury/LMS.

How big is the team?
ShinyJackal and Sweetheater handle the operations. We have a back-end team of TradFi professionals who handle the risk management, and TA.

Can I see some past data on the bots’ performance?
Head over to our website and check out the bot results.

What are the risks involved?
TBAAS involves cryptocurrency trading using leverage. Risk is fundamental to the trading process. TradingBots.ME is not a registered investment/legal/financial advisor. The services we provide are from the personal research and experience of the team.
The risk involved is the liquidation of the account. We will, however, be running multiple bots on your capital to diversify and reduce risk.

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