Q: What is the strategy logic(s) of the bots?
A: The Strategy we use is a combination of DCA with Martingale and Signals to start the bots based on market conditions. With our strategy, the starting point of the trade matters a lot, so with our signals, we time it in such a way that only when there is a big dump our long bot will start, while a big pump will start our short bot. The results of our trades for the past 110 days have been shared.

Q: Can multiple bots work in parallel on the same capital?
A: Yes, you can run multiple bots on the same capital. We recommend running multiple bots, Long and Short, to derisk capital and to take advantage of any pump and dump in the market.

Q: How much is the max drawdown?
A: The max drawdown varies according to coins; for a volatile coin like Avax, we cover up to 48% drawdown for long and short bots. This, combined with our start condition, prevents the bots from starting at a point where the bots will result in getting stuck forever.

Q: How much capital is risked per trade? Does it have some safety control, or can it spiral into 100% drawdown?
A: The average trades, average number of days each trade has taken, and maximum time a trade has taken are shared along with our trade results. The capital being risked depends on the person’s preference; we usually split the capital into smaller parts for each bot and ideally combine long and short bots to create hedged positions. The safety control is our start condition, and you can see our bots don’t trade all the time from our 110 days trade results.

Q: Is the base capital held in crypto or stablecoin? In other words, are you exposed to the underlying trend of crypto?
A: Yes, the base capital is held in USDC, with no exposure to crypto as the trading pair is always with USDC.

Q: Can we start with a smaller capital and then scale it up in case it works – can you elaborate on an offer for this?
A: Yes, you can start with a smaller capital (ideally $500 or $1000), and once you see good results, you can scale up. We charge differently for different slabs of capital.